About Food Genuity

My name is Monica. I'm 22 and I love food. I am passionate about food and everything it brings. There is beauty in food and I enjoy nothing more than discovering that beauty. Be it making food, or visiting restaurants and markets, I spend my days and waking moments exploring the world of everything delicious.

One of my most favourite pass times is trying my hand at new recipes and techniques. I read a food blog or recipe and instantly feel my hands tingling with excitement, just itching to try it out myself and attempt revisions and additions of my own.

This is what Food Genuity is all about. Being creative with food and pushing the boundaries of the everyday meal. Every dining experience should be exquisite and enjoyable as well as nutritious for the mind, body and soul.

In the last 12 months I have taken a stand against boxed and manufactured food products, against sub par restaurants and against accepting less than delicious and nutritious food experiences. I aim to use real ingredients straight from the earth itself and avoid stocking my shelves and freezers with anything else. I believe in making everything from scratch and Food Genuity will be the memoirs of my journey.

In addition to cooking, the other loves of my life include my cats, Charlie and Selena. They are the best of friends and very close to my heart as well. I hope to make their food at home in the near future and I will make sure to post that pet food experiment here.

 I look forward to hearing from those of you who also love food, have questions, want to exchange ideas and recipes and take on this foodie adventure. Allons-y!

My cat son, Charlie
My cat daughter, Selena

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